One thing happened today…its kinda scary…

All joking aside about the so-called judgement day thought up by the not-so-brilliant man, Harold Campings, in California.  There is one thing that happened today that in my opinion is pretty scary, we as the Church of America have lost the respect of the lost.  Let me defend myself in this before you stop reading this and call it heresy.  Almost everyone I know who are Christians, including myself, joked about this whole Campings thing; but never once did we do anything to try and shut him down.  And because of this, I fear, when we go to talk about the true rapture of the church (which we all don’t know when it will be; see Matt. 24:36) the lost will just laugh it off and compare us to what has happened this week.

I kicked myself today (which is a hard thing to do…) because I didn’t try to stand up and debunk this man and call him the false prophet that he is.  I chose the easy road, made fun, joked around, and never once did I try and share the truth with anyone until yesterday.  Now I am not the only guilty one, but I can pick on myself.  Why did I wait until yesterday?  Why didn’t I start to share the truth when the billboard went up in my hometown?  The answer is fear, I guess, or is that more of an excuse?

Now we as the church are left with the ones that followed this man who are now, broke (physically and spiritually), disgusted, and angry at God.  We have the ones that are now just going to make light of the situation and state, “Man I have heard that before, is it really gonna happen?”  And finally, the ones that want to listen but are skeptical of the church since they have been burnt one too many times.  So my question to the Church of America today is, “Are we ready to deal with this?”

The Lord is coming and it is very very soon but now we are on damage control because we all know the media isn’t going to let this thing die.  Let me be the first to apologize to the ones that are seeking the real answer and for me keeping it in.  I am sorry for just caring about myself and not you.  I am sorry for caring about my feelings and trying to be popular in your eyes, rather than stand up for the truth and speak it even if it hurts or not.  I am sorry.

Now it is time Church of America, people will have questions, it is time to give the real answer; Jesus




One thought on “One thing happened today…its kinda scary…

  1. I told anyone who would listen that Harold Camping is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I also told them to put their trust in Jesus Christ, not a man.

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