10 things we can draw conclusions from 90’s music

We didn’t have the best music but it was our music.  Now here are the top 10 conclusions we could safely draw from 90’s music….

You didn’t have to have talent or a decent haircut to get nominated for a Grammy!!!

Cheating can be fun while it last…but man it stinks when you get caught!!!

You can get knocked down and yes you can get back up again…

You might not have understood what he was saying all the time…but you listened anyways.  You also tried to say what he was saying but the words never came out right…Busta is a beast!!!

When Gwen said don’t speak…we all listened

What was he thinking???

We all secretly danced and lip synced too their songs…and it shows by me just showing this pic and you know who it is and can recite all their names..

Whenever she sang about a Genie in a Bottle we really wondered what the heck she was talking about!

Britney Spear’s first hit, Hit Me Baby One More Time, promoted violence…say what you want to say….it did.

the Macarena was a dance white people could do and do it well…it freed us from the running man, lawnmower, and the sprinkler.

Hope you enjoy!!!





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