Facebook and Church

I was thinking last night about how many people use Facebook now and how not even 7-8 years ago it was something only a few people knew about.  Then I started to think how can Facebook and Church link up and this is what I came up with.  First let me state that I am not here to tell you that if you Facebook your are going to die and bust hell’s gates wide open; this is just a post that is meant to be humorous but truthful.  Facebook and how we live our Christian lives have more in common than we really think or see; this is what I mean.

You have those who join Facebook to just check on other people and use it a way to connect, meet, and catch up with people.  Then you have those who use Facebook just for the games.  How do we know this because we all have 3,900,234,124,100 requests to water their crops in Farmville.  There are those that are just in it for the drama, who use it to try and get the inside scoop on people and start gossip.  Also, there are those who are Facebook junkies.  These people eat, breathe, live, and sleep Facebook.  They post about every little body function, anytime they have a thought, or everytime their pets have performed a body function.  These people are the ones who have Facebook on their computers, phones, tablets, internet tv’s, and any other place they can.  Then there are those who are on Facebook just to spy on other people.  They hardly ever post anything, but they always comment on your pictures (which is kinda freaky).  Finally, there are those who have an account just to have an account.  Everyone and their momma has a Facebook so it is the thing to have and do, so they don’t want to be left out.

Now, how do this cross-over; well let me show you.  You have those in churches who just come and join small groups to hang out, meet new people, and catch up with old friends.  They love the Lord and they’ll worship every now and then, but to them its more of a social club.  Then there are those who are just in church playing church.  They are there to just play games with God.  Thinking by just putting on a big front they can impress people.  Then there are those who are in for the drama.  They love a juicy piece of gossip and love “roast pastor”, “roast worship leader”, and “roast youth pastor”.  Also there are those who live, breathe, eat, and sleep church.  They are the ones who tell everyone about their church and their savior.  They are the ones who worship unashamed and love to talk about what God has done for them.  (We need more Jesus junkies.)  They have worship music playing on their phone, computers, iPads, and TV’s.  They are just on fire for God!!!  Then there are those who are just to be there.  Not really interested in participating but are quick to comment on how someone worships too loud or too crazy.  Finally, there are those who are in the church just because everyone else is doing it.  They never really put anything into it so they never really get anything out of it.  All of their friends and family go there, so to be apart of things they go.

Now do we see how much Facebook and Church have in common; I told you it was more than you think.  Now this was not to tear anyone in particular down, but it was just something that I started thinking about before I went to bed last night.  I just felt like sharing it with you.  I pray that we are more like the ones who breathe, eat, sleep, and live to serve the Lord and His Kingdom work.

Much love and be blessed brothers and sister in the Lord!!!

much love,


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