Man, that offended me…

How many times have you heard this one?  It is the king daddy of excuses that people use when it comes to hearing something about Jesus that takes them out of their comfort zone.  So as you can tell, this got me thinking (and from my blog timeline, you can tell I don’t do that often) and here is what i felt to write about.

Picture with me if you will, a person walking down the sidewalk listening to their iPod, reading a book, and talking on the phone.  Pretty distracted, eh?  Traffic on the road is moving pretty fast and all of a sudden this person just turns to walk into the road.  Now this person has never looked up from their book to see the traffic, turned off their iPod to hear the traffic, or..well you get my point.  Now they are about to look like really thin pancake, what do you do?  Would you think before yelling…
“Hey self…”
“Oh, hey”
“Do I yell at this person, run over and grab them, and do everything I can to save them?”
“Naw, that will offend them.  We don’t want to do that.”
“Oh ok, well good talking to ya, we should do it again sometime.”

NO, if this was real, you would do everything in your power to save that person!!!  But in the spirit realm we do this everyday!!!  Think of ten people you have at least have acquainted, have a friendship, or just talk to more than once on a daily basis.  How many times just to those ten have you shared the good news with??  What stops us…can I let you in on a little secret; its this “well, I probably offend them.”  The other excuse is, “I don’t want to make it seem like I am judging them.”  I know these things because I have used them.  But I have came to the point, that I am going to share the good news, even it may seem to offend.

Back to my example, that person might look at you funny, yell back at you for grabbing them, or just yell back because you yelled at them; but when they realize what you have just helped saved them from, of course they will be grateful.  Same way spiritually, the people you share the good news with might look at you funny, (don’t grab them, assault is a crime) or they might tell you to shut up.  But one day, after we don’t give up on them, after we stop worrying about are we offending them; they will look back and see what you were trying to do.

Now here are some tips on what I have learned the last year that has helped me share the good news…

1. Pray and ask God for opportunities during the day.
2. Make a list of ten people who you have a relationship built with, because the truth comes easier from a friend than a total stranger, that you know need Jesus Christ.  Start with ten then build to twenty, thirty, and so on.
3. Pray for everyone on that list daily.  Even if they tell you to stop telling them about Jesus, pray for them.
4. Take every open door God gives you and run with it.  If you need more open doors, refer to #1.
6. Pray during the day and ask God to give you the words, and to get those words, you have to read your Bible.
7. Finally, rely on God more than you do yourself…this will make things ten times easier.

Now you be reading this and realize that maybe you are that person who is about to walk into traffic.  Maybe you have just realized that you are in the need of a savior, well if you are realizing that take time and ask God to forgive you.  His salvation is free and open to anyone, all you have to do is ask.  Just open you mouth and mean it from your heart, and ask God to forgive you of all your sins and ask Him to be the Lord of your life.

If you need more help or just want to talk…email me @ or if you have my Facebook, msg me there.

Much love,



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