Hello world!

hello world is right. when you think about the world, what comes to mind? is it global warming, riots, protests, or peace and harmony? most of us will think of the negative and not the positive. is this because we are trained to do that by modern day media or is it just in us to respond to negativity? what is the first thing out of everyones mouths these days…gas prices. we can never really find the positive. my wife proved me wrong the other day. I was griping about the current gas prices and in her loving way she reminded me of the summer in 2008 when gas got up to 4.50 to 5.00 dollars a gallon. she said things can get worse but we can be thankful we have money to put gas in our cars. I want to challenge you as my wife challenged me in a round about way to look for the positive in everything and to thank God for giving us the little things that make life awesome…be blessed