Top 10 People I Wouldn’t Like To Be

I am going to start a new thing for my blog.  I am going to start a semi-daily (procrastination stinks) Top 10.  These are going to be extremely random and quite humorous (at least to me…)  So here goes the first one….

The Top 10 People I Wouldn’t Like to Be….


This poor guy (well he isn’t poor…he is a pro ball player) but you get my drift.  I mean could you imagine growing up with a last name like this.  Try and go with me to his fourth grade class, first day of school and the teacher is calling roll and she gets to the S’s.  “Salta….Saltalam….kid with the extremely long last name, are you here?”  Then you make it to the pros…and your name looks like the St. Louis arch over your number.  Well I think you get my point…the preacher stumbling during your wedding, not long enough lines on applications, well I need to stop.


This is one is kinda self explanatory…


Another self-explanatory one…


I would hate to be the guy working the bungee post up top…poor guy.  There is not enough money in the world that someone could pay me to help this man out of his harness..

Poor Wylie…I would hate to be him.  I mean someone with a sick imagination (but funny one) down at Warner Bros. has him blown up, turned into an accordion,  or just ran over by an ACME truck (the same place he bought the defective stuff in the first place, where is the customer service in that).  If I was Wylie, I would sue ACME, turn into vegetarian, and stop living in the desert (boulders).


I wouldn’t want to be Ms. Reno.  This poor lady serves our country and the only person that SNL can get to portray her to a tee is, Will Ferrel.  I mean come on…

I wouldn’t like to be…Janet Reno’s mirror…sorry I couldn’t resist…

I wouldn’t want to be Ben Stiller, but only in this movie scene.  I mean he is a successful actor in Hollywood and a pretty cool guy.  But this is just gross…

I wouldn’t like to be…Al Gore.  For one, you kill your own Global Warming arguement by owning a huge mansion that puts out more pollution than the whole state of Rhode Island.  Next, you can’t even give a thumbs up with out looking like a dork…child please…

And finally, I wouldn’t want to be…President George W. Bush.  Let me first start out by saying, I am a huge supporter of his and voted for him in the one election he ran in that I could vote; however from 2008 on out no matter what happens or falls apart…someone in America will find a way to blame him.  Hang in there, W…you got a fan here…and also a Easter Bunny that is on your side…

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